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Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

This friendship bracelet is fun and simple to make. Easy enough to do with the kids! šŸ™‚



  • Embroidery floss (coloured)
  • Cardboard (an old cereal box will do fine)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Mug/cup


1. Place mug on cardboard and trace around to make a circle.

2. Cut out cardboard circle.


3. Dot the centre of the circle.

4. Rule straight lines intersecting the central dot – creating a large asterisk.

5. Cut 2cm inĀ along each of the lines. You should now have 8 slots.

6. Using a sharp pencil, create a small holeĀ in the centre of your circle.


6. Select up to 4 colours of embroidery floss.

7. Cut floss into 4 lengths of about 50cm. This length will differ depending on the wearer’s wrist size!
NB: Each length should be about two times the desired bracelet length, plus 15cm.

8. Gather the 4 threads together and fold in half, tying an overhand knot just below the fold (creating a loop).

prep threads

9. Push the knotted end through the central hole.

push threads thru

10. Separate the threads and place each into a slot.

11.Ā VERY IMPORTANT:Ā One slot will houseĀ 2 threads (i.e. like the green threads pictured below).

fill slots

12. You should have 7 filled slots and 1 empty slot.


13. From the empty slot, count 3 threads anti-clockwise (e.g. the purple thread pictured above).

14. Pick up this thread and place it into the empty slot. It should have jumped over 2 other threads.

3rd back to empty

15. Now you have a new empty slot. Repeat steps 13 & 14 (e.g. in the picture above you would take the aqua thread next and place it in the empty slot) until bracelet is completed.

16. After a short while you will see the bracelet begin to emerge from the underside of the cardboard disc. Eventually your entire bracelet will have emerged!

bracelet emerges

17. To finish the bracelet, pull the loose threads through the centre hole; tie an overhand knot where the weaving ends.

18. Separate the loose threads into 2Ā halves and braidĀ each one.


19. Fasten bracelet by threading one braid through the loop and double knotting to the other braid.


20. Your bracelet is finished! Save the cardboard disc to reuse next time.

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Crystal Necklace Tutorial

Wearing crystal amulets can be very healing. Mother Earth provides us with many semi-precious stones, each with their own emotional, spiritual, mental and physical benefits. For example, amethyst is associated with the third eye chakra and crown chakra; it helps with psychic clarity, intuition, meditation, relieving stress, spiritual healing, sleep and dreams.

After making many crystal amulets for myself and friends, I have fine-tuned the process. Now you can learn how to make netted crystal necklaces too! šŸ™‚

Equipment Needed:

  • Gemstone of your choice
  • Jewellery string or thin cord
  • Scissors
  • Clasp
  • Small beads (optional)

Step 1.

  • Cut string into 4 equal lengths of 80 – 100cm each (depending on desired necklace length).
I used hemp string cut into 85cm lengths.

I used hemp string cut into 85cm lengths.

Step 2.

  • Gather the 4 strands together and tie an overhand knot in the centre.
This is how it looks once you've tied your central knot.

This is how it looks once you’ve tied your central knot.

Step 3.

  • Tie each strand to the one next to it using an overhand knot about 0.5cm from the centre.
  • You should end up with 4 pairs; this is your first row.

Tying an overhand knot.


Halfway through the first row.


Completed first row.

Step 4.

  • Split the pairs at the knot.
  • Tie each strand (using overhand knots) to the one adjacent in the neighbouring pair, 0.5cm from the first row.
    This sounds confusing, but you can see it clearly in the following pictures.
  • When you finish you will have 4 pairs again; this is your second row. Notice how your crystal’s net begins to take shape.

Here you can see me beginning the 3rd knot in this row.


Completed second row.

Step 5.

  • Check how well your stone fits.
  • Estimate how many more rows you will need to do – this number varies depending on how big your crystal is and how spread out you want your netting to be.

*You will need to repeat this step several more times while making the net.


From here I estimated about 3 more rows.

Step 6.

  • Continue knotting pairs together to create new rows, repeating step 5 often.
  • Repeating step 5 lets you gauge how many more rows you need and how far apart the knots should be. This is necessary to ensure your stone fits in the net.
  • Your final row should finish about 0.5cm from the top of the crystal.

Final row completed.

Step 7.

  • To close the net, take 4 strands in each hand and tie an ordinary double-knot at the top of the stone.

Tying off the net.

Step 8.

  • To create the necklace, braid or macrame the 4 strands on each side.
  • You can add beads incrementally if you like.
  • This is where you can get really creative!

NB: I usually hold 2 strands together and do a regular 3-stranded braid, threading crystal beads onto the single strands every few centimeters.Ā 


Step 9.

  • Affix your clasp to the ends.
  • Alternatively, you can finish it with a sliding knot (no clasp required).



And there you have it. Your very own crystal amulet. Happy creating!

Different sorts/lengths of string, different shaped crystals, beads and clasps can all create very different effects. Play around to see what works best for your tastes. Let me know if you post a picture of your final product šŸ˜‰ I’d love to see how others’ necklaces turn out.


A few of my crystal amulets.


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